Monday, 19 April 2010

Volume Wk8 W/O1

The big walk yesterday means a slight adjustment may well be required today. At the very least, I will 'suck it and see', and be prepared to sack sets and reps as required.

This is my last week before a deload phase (which should last about two weeks). Then I will look at my 8RM and 1RM again. These results will feed in to my next eight week cycle.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1a. Deadlift (5x5x55kg)
1b. Chin Ups (3x8)
2a. Frog Planche (3x20s)
2b. Flat Back Lever (3x20s)

3. Backbridges (3x15s)

* UPDATE: If you tuned in earlier you can see that I totally revamped this workout. The walk yesterday has tired my legs and this, combined with reading Chris's Deadlift post, made me think that my time would be well spent practising the deadlift.

Like a muppet I ignored my NEED to backbridge. I guess I got sidetracked by the enjoyment of the deadlift (it is nice just working such a basic movement), and the gymnastics!

I had spotted a week or two ago that my deadlift form was perhaps not the best. I had asked a PT at the gym to give me a few pointers last month - but nothing came of it. The thing is, anyone who coaches themselves has a fool for an student.

Oh well - I feel nicely stretched and warmed throughout. I will add in some backbridges tonight.

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