Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunshine and Play

A high pressure has settled over much of the UK. This lunchtime I headed off to the gym for a (fasted), impromptu play-session. The gym has a courtyard which I had all to myself.

The sun was out in full force. Blue skies and a fresh breeze. Beautiful. I stripped to the shorts and practiced my handstands and handwalking along with some splits work. I also threw in some cartwheels (both directions). That kind of exposure should provide me with my 10,000 IUs of D for the day (notwithstanding the latitude).

I had to limit myself to twenty minutes - with big rests. This was not a workout per se, it was meant to be a bit of fun and playful. I left the courtyard in a good mood whilst still feeling physically fresh.

I hope to spend more lunchtimes in such a productive fashion - particularly on rest days. Use it or lose it. Fun in the sun....

Mission accomplished.

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