Ducks Already In a Row?

Self-locomote at regularly intervals throughout the day and walk for at least a 30-45 minute block each day.

Sleep more in winter and less in summer.  Sleep does NOT have to be contiguous every night of the week.

You need more sleep than you think (reading a book in the last hour before bed rather than watching TV will prove this).

Blue light in the morning, red lights in the evening. (Watch that screen time!)

Get out in to sunlight around midday daily (adjust for summer time).

Sit on the floor rather than a chair/settee when at home.

Squat down regularly.

Take cold showers (2 mins under the cold tap), several times a week.

Wild swim.


Lift, carry and throw.

If you are a man, give blood.


Fight (striking and/or grappling).

Eat offal (liver in particular), and bone broth once a week.

Forage and hunt - this keeps things seasonal.

Learn to forecast the weather - or at least, cloudspot!

Learn to read the land and sky to navigate - be a natural navigator!  You should at least be able to find your way north using the sun, moon and stars.  The landscape also points you in the right direction.

Socialise.  A lot.

Laugh.  A lot.

Go outside, to somewhere beautiful, and do nothing.

Think about your external environment you inhabit, and the signals that sends to your 'Inner Actuary'.

Think about your internal habitat you host, and the signals that this sends to your 'Inner Actuary'.

Download an mp3 or phone app of waves crashing on a beach, of the wind blowing through a forest or over a moor, or a recording of rain. Listen to this in the office rather than to music or the radio (and definitely over ambient office noise).

Did I say to walk for at least 30 minutes every day? :)

Frequent green places - the wilder the better (forests and moorland), daily if possible. A park may suffice, but only if you play!

Black pudding rocks - even if made with grains.

Don't use a traditional alarm clock to get up - it is too stressful and jarring.  Use something like Supradyn's 'Morning Energy Alarm Clock' which can be configured to imitate a sunrise (although the spectrum used on a mobile phone is perhaps questionable), that concludes with birdsong.

Sheela Na GigsStoops? Hillforts? Megalithic structures?  Seek and ye shall find!

Those who don't hunt and gather (using traditional means), and especially those who use chairs, should stretch! Backbridge for the win.

Phone-fast already.