Sunday, 11 April 2010

If, like me...

If, like me, you have kids, you might still have an array of Easter goodies lined up on the piano and bookcases. If, like me, the Easter eggs are calling your name softly each night, you might occasionally weaken (I mean the kids can't be expected to eat all that chocolate themselves now can they?).

If like me, you are a fan of Nottingham Forest, you might be slightly gutted at the automatic promotion of both Newcastle United and West Brom (I mean it should have been Forest up there shouldn't it?) .

If, like me, you have 'weakened' over Easter, then you might need some inspiration to climb back aboard the paleo wagon.

Behold this photo of a Newcastle United fan celebrating promotion (AP Photo/Scott Heppel). Back on the wagon. Feeling better about the lack of automatic promotion. Two birds with one stone...or about twenty stone.

I think I will pass on the chocolate eggs this evening...and erm, well done to both Newcastle United and West Brom.....and come on you Reds!


Chris said...

A classic gut

SoreButtCheeks Blog said...

initially I thought that was a Tom with her top off, then realised it was a guy :-(