Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Doctor

The Doctor? Not Valentino Rossi, not the Dalek-botherer nor a man in a white coat; The Doctor is my weekend treat (see picture above), consisting of a pack of bacon (6-8 rashers), four fried eggs, a lot of black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes (the latter for decoration as much as anything). This then, is what I call The Doctor.

I guess there might be oxidised fats and too much omega 6 in using olive oil to fry the eggs, black pudding and plant-stuff, but it sure hits the spot. Neither of these issues would scare your average nutritionist. They would be harping on about cholesterol and artery clogging fats.

Friday was capped by a climbing session where my strength simply seemed to run out. I was also aware of the need to refeed for walk I had planned for this (Sunday) morning which would take around six hours. Special situations like this require a special meal!

My appointment with The Doctor was early afternoon and topped off the most relaxing day I have had in some time. The family are trapped in Ireland because of Eyjafjallajökull (use of the word 'trapped' perhaps over-egging things a bit), so I had (lots of) time to read the paper and then indulge in a bit of guitar for the afternoon. The sun was out (as you can see in the photo), and I was able to poke around in the garden just in shorts - watering plants and doing some weeding.

I miss the family, but sure appreciate a little bit of opportune 'me-time'.

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