Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dr Sarah Myhill

Reader Dextery alerted me to the work of Dr. Sarah Myhill who is about to be struck off the medical register due to a series of complaints. Curiously these complaints have come from other doctors rather than from her patients (who seem satisfied with Dr. Myhill's particular approach to the practice of medicine).

There are two complaints in particular:

  1. A group of doctors has taken umbrage at Myhill's recommendation that one of her patients take an injection of vitamin B12,
  2. An anonymous complainant is "concerned that patients are being seriously mislead (sic) by her advice, both online and most likely in consultation at her practice. In some cases I think her recommendations are a serious risk to patient safety."

So let's see what her advice features...

  • Symptoms and tests help identify the underlying mechanisms that cause disease. Common mechanisms include allergies, sugar and carbohydrate addiction, poor mitochondrial function, poor antioxidant status, poor thyroid and adrenal function, toxic stress, poor detoxification and methylation and so on.

In fact, bold as brass she recommends that to lose weight you need to eat a stoneage diet! Crazy I know, but there you have it; she goes on to state "I am coming to the view that whatever your medical problem may be, or even if you simply want to stay well, we should all move towards eating a Stone Age diet based on vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish and eggs. Recent Western diets get 70% of their calories from wheat, dairy products, sugar and potato and it is no surprise that these are the major causes of modern ill health such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and degenerative disorders."

Under exercise she advises a Body by Science approach (so already is making the right noises). She talks about fast twitch muscle fiber, developing power and recommends Doug McGuff's Big Four. In her conclusions she even recommends exercise for pure fun! Throw in her advice on sleep and jeez, this lady is WELL ahead of the curve!

You know what? I like Dr Myhill's advice and the fact that she nails carboholicism as a serious problem with regard to the nation's health makes me think that the rest of her advice is bang on the money as well - or at least will have been as conscientiously researched (as opposed to the vanilla advice given out my more conventional medical practitioners and nutritionists).

As far as I can see there are too few paleo oriented doctors in the UK. In fact apart from the excellent Dr John Briffa I cannot think of any more! Dr. Myhill needs the support of the paleo community. We now appear to have a cause celebre which may help paleo move firmly in to the mainstream and break the stranglehold maintained my pharma intent on milking our finances in return for medicines that sustain the sick rather than preventing or curing the cause.

What you can do to help.

  • In her own words:

    The GMC's case is that they consider that I pose "a potential risk to public safety" because of the information in my website. If I lose my licence to practise, there will not be a potential risk, but a very real and immediate risk to patients.

    Please, point out to the GMC, in as many different and innovative ways that you can think of, privately and publicly, that for me to lose my licence to practise would result in you being harmed directly, immediately and in the longer term.

    1.Email the GMC on
    2.Telephone Mr Paul Bridge on 0161 923 6417
    3.Fax Mr Adam Elliott on 0207 189 5177
    4.Write to Mr Paul Bridge, General Medical Council, 3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3AW quoting Case Reference: PB/C1-314994282
    To say: what extent you have found the website a helpful source of information;
    2.what it would mean to you personally and to your health if you are unable to avail yourself of my services as a doctor;
    3.Request to attend a future Fitness to Practise Hearing to give evidence that you have been helped by information from my website.
    Ask the GMC to acknowledge your letter and concerns and keep you updated as to when and where hearings will take place.

    All the letters will be printed out and taken to the Hearing. They will all be in the Public arena.


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