Friday, 9 April 2010

Volume Wk6 W/O2

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1. Rowing (Medium 1x500m 00:01:38)
2a. Pistols (6/8x57kg/38kg, 6/8x57kg/38kg, 6/8x57kg/38kg, 6/8x57kg/38kg)
2b. Ice Cream Maker Levers to Skin the Cat (8, 8, 8)
3a. Wall Walk/BackBridge (15s, 15s, 15s)
3b. Pseudo Planche Press Ups (8, 8, 8)

The Pistols felt solid at a heavier weight and less reps. Reckon I can add a rep at this weight to each set next workout. The ICMs were tough and I only added a few STCs to each set.

The backbridges felt nice and relaxing as I formed the arch, stretching my torso. However the last rep on the last two sets of PPPUs were hard fought. My hands are as close to my waist as wrist flexibility allows. I am pivoting as my feet come off the ground (which in strength terms and in terms of progressing to the next movement, I think is a good sign).

The whole workout took thirty five minutes in all. I want to aim for three fast workouts a week rather than cramming everything in to two workouts. I am already slacking on pure planche and lever work......


Anonymous said...


I've been following your website for a couple of weeks.

Do you have explanations of the exercises in your WOD? Just wanted to know how they are done.


Asclepius said...

Hi there!
I have added some links to illustrate the exercises.
The weights shown in my WOD are the absolute weights. Basically I use gym frames and pull up stations to allow me to 'offset' my bodyweight so I can achieve the desired number of reps. So if you saw something like Pistols 50kg - it means that I used a weight to reduce my BW to 50kg (ie I set up a cantilever of 33kg). Same with chinnng - if you see a figure of 30kg this means that I was at a pull up station with the assistance set such that my working weight was 30kg (eg Bw of 83kg - 53kg = 30kg).
Some of the exercises such as the ICMs are pimped out and adjusted slightly - depending on how I feel. I tend to add other moves so the link I gave in this example is not truly indicative of what I do (but close enough).
My main motivation is BW exercises but I am now in pursuit of asymmetric strength goals such as a one arm chin.
The GymnasticBodies site is THE site for BW moves! There are lots of resources there including links to most of the movements I employ.