Saturday, 9 October 2010

This Woman's Work*

I like blogging.  This blog lets me primarily mouth-off and secondly, record my training.  I post stuff up here that I find interesting.  I express my ideas - some of which are wrong, some stuff VERY wrong.  Some of it useful (to me at least).  I hope some of this stuff gives at least one or two of the readers positive ideas.  At the least, folk can see the results of my training - for better or for worse.

 Other sites have a more intellectual agenda.  At the apex are sites like Wikipedia that hope to achieve some kind of 'knowledge base' status.  I know that most of us will treat what we read on t'Interweb with a degree of suspicon.  We also know the limitations of how far we can trust Wiki.

This latter point has come sharply in to focus of late as the Vegan-Militia have mobilised to discredit Denise Minger by lobbying vegan administrators and editors within Wiki.  I first came across Denise Free the Animal and today FTA ran a post on Vegan Zealotry

I find it hard to articulate how maddening I find this behaviour.  What the vegans are doing is nothing more than censorship.  They are trying to suppress research and robust data analysis.  The TRUTH.  What has also pissed me off is that, not content with censorship, they have mobilised one of the most prominent ad hominem attacks I have ever seen on the Internet.  Denises crime seems to be that she is intelligent, beautiful and female.  In their attack, the vegans are setting back women's rights by 50 years. 

Little attempt seems to have been made to engage with Denise's work on a scientific basis.  There have been several weak attempts to discredit her work so far.  But unable to find the fault-line they so desparately seek (certainly without bringing down the work of TCC with it), they are looking to obscure Denise's analysis.  Makes you wonder, if her analysis is soooooo bad, why try so hard to hide it?  In their attack, the vegans are setting back popular nutrition by 50 years. 
  • “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
 Denise is at third base.  With a bit of help, fourth base (and home), is not too far away....

So why this post?  To show support for Denise.  As Betty Grable said "The practice of putting women on pedestals began to die out when it was discovered that they could give orders better from there".  By their actions, the vegan-militia might just be elevating DM to superstar status!

*  "This Woman's Work" is a song written and performed by the British singer Kate Bush. The lyrics are about being forced to suddenly confront reality and adulthood in times of crisis.


Methuselah said...

Thank you for posting this. Deserves some support. Free the Animal also waded in, as you'd expect. This feels to me like a tipping point. The gibberish coming from the Vegan camp is sounding increasingly wayward. I feel sorry for them. Can't be much fun when your belief system begins to crumble.

Asclepius said...

Indeed. Denise's work is too good for them to ignore it and too good for them to destroy it.

Didn't it re-convert a few vegans (that Tynan-dude seemed like a high profile casualty). Once you lose you trophy suporters, you are screwed. The effect is like Travolta and Cruise leaving Scientology.

Anonymous said...

There is an astonishing parallel here with the East Anglia CRU suppression of the global warming skeptic scientists data. Same tactis

Methuselah said...

I didn't know they had left Scientology... but I did see that excellent follow up by the UK journalist who lost it with them last time. They do see to be losing their grip. Any doctrine that depends on ignorance is eventually going to become a casualty of the rise of information freedom (aka the internet.)

Asclepius said...

They haven't! I was trying to draw a comparison between the poster-faces of a religion and the underlying cult.

I got the impression Tynan was a vegan poster boy. I figured him leaving veganism would hurt 30BAD/vegan cultists in a way that Scientology *would* be hurt if they lost their poster boys (Travolta and Cruise).

Methuselah said...

ah... got it!