Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Volume Wk1 W/O2 (Short Rests)

I have been hacking around so much with my spreadsheet of workouts that I have messed it up a bit.  I keep reformulating what I want to do and trying to maintain each program carries an overhead.

In these cases I just stand back and take a broad look at the workout and don't sweat the details.  So today I want to build volume.  Sunday's workout worked the 'pull up' plane, as did some of the rope work yesterday (in my climbing/finger workout).  So no need to work that plane today.

That leave as big, basic move (deadlift for today) and then some basic gymnastic moves to work the shoulder (times and variations of planches and levers will be auto regulated).  Rests between deadlifts will be 3 minutes (an be preceded by a few warm ups sets).  The rest of the sets will have 30s-60s rests.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1. Deadlift (5x105kg, 6x94kg)
2. Wall Walk/Back Bridge (4, 15s, 15s)
3. Advanced Frog Planche (20s, 20s, 20s)
4. Tuck Lever (20s, 20s, 20s)
5. 4-Way Rotator Cuff Work (1x15 each way)

I finished off with some instinct-limited supplementaries (one set):
  • Cartwheels,
  • Handstands
  • Pillar-Split Jumps
  • Single Leg Extensions
  • Single Leg Press
My thighs are feeling it!

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