Monday, 25 October 2010

The Natives Are Restless!

I clicked on this link in the Independent: Number of adult diabetics soars 6% in year.  I expected the usual BS of:
  • obesity (check),
  • diabetes (check),
  • 'Timebomb', (check)
  • '5-a-day' (check)
  • unhealthy lifestyle, (check)
  • healthy diet, (check)
The same old failed policy is churned once again.....yawn.  'We can't be trying hard enough'.  People aren't listening....

The frustration in these articles is always palpable.  If doing X makes Y larger, and you think doing X makes Y smaller, it is understandable that you'd get people to do X and then be frustrated that Y gets bigger.  Welcome to nutritionism 21st century style.

But scroll down to the comments.  At least three references to Gary Taubes!  Hope is here.

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