Sunday, 3 October 2010

Low Carb Thumbs Up

The paleo diet is NOT necessarily low carb, although many people find that approaching the paleo paradigm with a low carb mentality provides better control of hunger and so fat loss is achieved.

There is still widespread suspicion of any diet that encourages low consumption of carbohydrate - and the fear is amplified when one is aware that the shortfall in calories is likely to be made up by an increase in protein or - shock, horror - fat.

Nevertheless, low carbing is getting an increasingly warm reception as an article in Saturday's Guardian shows:
  • I have finally found a diet that works – it consists of eating 17g-20g of protein every meal with unlimited vegetables and salads, and nothing in between for at least five hours. The theory is that this controls fluctuating insulin levels. I also have two or three pieces of fruit a day, and lots of exercise. It certainly works, too. I have lost a stone over the last three or four months, and feel much better about my eating. But is it safe to maintain such a low-carb diet indefinitely?
  • You want me to be totally frank? Measuring protein content like this for each meal, and to within 17g-20g per portion, is not what eating should be all about. In fact, eating should not be viewed as a "diet", but if this is the way you wish to organise your mealtimes, so be it. It sounds as if what you eat is varied enough to keep you healthy, and that you have finely balanced it against your exercise to keep your weight about right. So if you can keep up your "diet" in this way, you shouldn't come to any harm. But do think about giving yourself a break once in a while and enjoying the pleasure of eating for eating's sake, without constantly counting or calculating.
 A sensible if not cautious response.

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