Tuesday, 4 September 2012

RPT Wk3 W/O2

Lau Gar was pretty tough last night -with some hanging stances and low walks/kicks.  I need to practise these so will add a few of them in to the rests between sets of handstands (they are as much about balance and technique as strength/endurance).

Higher carb requirements today are fulfilled by home-cooked fruit , tinned fish and some skimmed milk (I know, I know...the latter is definitely a neo-food)

Here is the workout for today.  I want to try to add reps to each set.  Rests will be 2-3 minutes between sets.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (35 minutes)
1. Handstand Variation (air squats + side lunges, one legged floor touches + front lunges, front/side/turning kicks + hanging kicks)
2. Pistols (8/6x71kg, 10/8x66kg, 12/10x61kg)
3. OACs (5/4x60kg, 6x55kg, 8x45kg)

Forearm and Wrist Prehabilitation
4. Golfers Elbow Drumstick Rotation (12)
5. Wrist Push Ups (12)
6. Reverse Wrist Curl (12)

Weight : 80kg

I'm a kilo lighter than last week.  Might explain why I was able to get two reps extra on each of the three sets of pistols.  The OACs saw improvement in reps on the first set only (and a modest one rep), but form was sustained throughout.  Elbows and shoulders are feeling strong and uninjured soin summary I'll take this as progress.

The handstands sucked at the outset.  I do sets of them at Lau Gar to warm up, so that might be the problem.  The first handstand today wasn't too bad, but the next two sucked - so I went over to handwalking.

A great session whatever the numbers say!

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