Sunday, 9 September 2012

Carb Restriction/Higher Fat

Just a quick post to a couple of links regarding macronutrient cycling.

Richard Feinman has an extensive post on carbohydrate restriction:
  • It was now clear that we had a consistent set of scientific ideas that supported the importance of insulin signaling in basic biochemistry and cell biology and that there was a continuum with the role of dietary carbohydrate restriction in obesity, diabetes or general health.  All the practical considerations were still problematical but now we had the kernel of a scientific principle. In fact, it was not so much that we had the answer as that we had the right question.  In science, the question is frequently more important than the answer.
And on a sporting front, one of the comments at Gnolls had this item about a low carber winning an ultramarathon (a subject which brings us back to met flex and indeed,,
  • Steve Phinney says that more and more endurance athletes are choosing low-carb, high-fat.  They’re choosing this diet both to get over digestive problems that hit in such a demanding event, and to win the race, and win it BIG!  That’s what Tim Olson did this year.  A self-proclaimed low-carb eater, Tim won the race — with a record-breaking pace.

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