Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Food Hospital: Still Shovelling It

Following on from last week's (ranting) review of The Food Hospital, allow me to present a ranting review of episode two.

The program itself is a great concept - exploring as it does, the relationship between a wide variety of illness and disease, and food.  But as usual in these cases, they get it 'arse about face'.  As I said last week, it is not that food is medicine, it is more the case that if you look at things from an evolutionary perspective, what you see is people who have poisoned themselves through malnutrition.

So once again the advice boiled down to a 'balanced diet' that again I'd summarise as:
  • 'Eat low fat foods, avoid saturated fat, not much meat, and plenty of fruit,vegetables and wholegrains'
We also got advise to eat several smaller meals - not forgetting to ensure we eat breakfast.  Again you have to wonder what they hell they think our fat stores are for!  We should be able to switch over to fat-burning (or rather ramp-up our fat burning), without a big palava outside of eating.  The producers really should read up on 'metabolic flexibility' - and perhaps intermittent fasting whilst they are at it.

If idea of fasting makes you dread the ensuing hunger, your are NOT metabolically flexible.  Fasting should be painless and if it isn't, you should be worried because you are eating the wrong foods, eating too frequently or both.

What was interesting about this program was the range of disease and illness that could be resolved by a dietary intervention.  There was talk about O6 and inflammation along with ailments as wide ranging as acid reflux, alopecia and rampant psoriasis.

Sadly use of supplements in the course of the show will feed preconceptions about a pill to fix things - when the fish oil could have been subtituted by fish and the probiotics replaced by yoghurt.

The BIG thing they miss in this program is the chance to show us what people are eating to make them so sick in the first place.  It is all very well showing folk what they SHOULD eat, but if you can actually show them that the stuff they are eating RIGHT NOW, the stuff that tastes SO DAMN GOOD, is what has lead to these ailments, then maybe you'd get more of a response.

Unfortunately we  just get pretty much the same old crap.... 

Remember guys, when flogging a dead horse, first whip harder, then change the whip, then change the rider. Finally get off and push the dead horse. Eventually the dead horse will move....I just know it.

TV rant number two over. Baise moi.

Aside:  I've add in a picture of my regular 'fucking awesome monster meal'.  I hope you can see the size of this bad boy - it has to have its own super-sized plate which is a few inches in diameter bigger than that used to host The Doctor.  What you can't really see is the amount of butter.  Eat less do more?  I don't think so! 

Also I've just noted that this is my fifth year 'paleo'.

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Anonymous said...

The show is frustrating. What a great conceit, and then they seem to be taking a VERY uncritical view of the dietary literature and just sort of parroting old 'truths' rather than getting nitty gritty into the data. What a missed opportunity.