Friday, 18 November 2011

Avoid Aging

Aubrey de Grey has been on the scene for a while.  I first came across him in an article in The Guardian several years ago.  He has very thought provoking ideas.  On this TED Talk he discusses some of these ideas:
  • Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is merely a disease -- and a curable one at that. Humans age in seven basic ways, he says, all of which can be averted.

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Anonymous said...

I think his assertion that mtDNA can simply be migrated to the nucleus betrays a profound lack of understanding. Without local gene expression, mitochondria would function far, far less efficiently, if at all. Plus there's the matter of nuclear and mtDNA using different coding mechanisms.

A more realistic approach might be to help mtDNA develop defense mechanisms similar to those employed by nuclear DNA.