Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wasted Years

You are what you eat.  A picture paints a thousand words.  I am not going to rival Arnie anytime soon but body composition does give a good indication of 'fitness' - certainly in an evolutionary capacity.  Does he demonstrate good body composition?  "Hardly" (in fact I think that's his name).  The emaciated figure beneath should offer a cautionary warning to anyone willing to gamble their health with a dietary fad like raw foodism.  He has little muscle mass and is quintessential 'skinny fat'.  He needs to free his animal.

This guy appears to exercise WAY more than me.  He spends more time eating than me.  We are a similar height (He is 6ft to my 6ft. 3in.), and respective weights are (apparently) 65kg to 85kg.  I will let you work out who is the heavier of the two.

I don't train for endurance, but certainly don't lack it.  I'd like to see his O'Neill Test.  I reckon I could crush the fuck out of this guy in the gym.  Hell, I could almost chin with him strapped to my back!  Well, maybe not quite - I think my max weighted chin is about 45kg.

This guy looks like an emaciated child.  Years of malnutrition seem to have affected his mental capacity as well.  The same happened to me as a one time vegan.

UPDATE: Hmmm, I 'think' that the charicature on the left of this picture is of our friend 'Hardly'.  Looks like the artist could have saved some pixels by making his shoulders and pecs to scale!

How could 'Hardly' advocate the causing of suffering to, and the killing of, species that show sensitivity and possible intelligence with a physiological and neurobiological basis for their adaptive behavior?


Chris G said...

To paraphrase Greg Glassman. You could probably do nearly all the stuff he does as well as he does but he probably cant do your stuff at all.

Asclepius said...

Nice quote!

DR is an 'athlete' - well at least that is what he keeps telling us, so I guess he should 'tear me a new one' in the physicality stakes. Me? I am just a punter. A middle-aged bloke doing a few gym sessions a week to develop and maintain a bit of strength and health. I'd hope this athlete would wipe the floor with me.

But in reality I suspect you are right.

He has been to NM before and he can see my numbers so I guess he could pick up the gauntlet if he wanted. I would love to see his O'NT and deadlift!

Chris G said...

Cheers, my wife just had a look at the video and the first thing she said 'His head is too big for his body."

Asclepius said...

Ha ha! Love it. I actually just asked Captain Kid what she thought of Hardly's picture and she said he looked skinny. She could tell that the picture was a still from a video and she then asked "in the video is he talking about being too skinny?".


I certainly don't have all the answers but reckon meat should be a massive part of the equation as should seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruit.

Add in some intermittent fasting and occasional gorging (sometimes on CHO).

For exercise it seems we need to add glycogen depletion in to the mix along with intensity, over a few weekly workouts.

Even if we could emulate a particular lifestyle of 40k BC it might not be optimal. Going around with big muscles is not necessarily optimal.

But whichever path we take, Hardly's approach seems to totally ignore any evolutionary perspective and that has GOT to be bad.

Thanks for taking time to comment!