Sunday, 6 March 2011

RTK Wk5 W/O1 (P1)

I am not sure the CKD approach is having much of a result, largely due to the massive alcohol spikes induced by the Six Nations rugby.  Damn good fun mind!

Another 'P1' workout and meaning we head on to the rings!
Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1. Stairgators (1)
2a. Barefoot Sprinting (1x10, 1x10, 1x10)
2b. 3xMU to L-Sits to Ring Routine (1, 1, 1)
3a. Scissor Splits/Cuts (3x1)
3b. 321 (7:3x8 A4, 7:3x8 B3, 7:3x8 F3)
4. Barefoot Kill Carry

I started this workout much earlier than usual in the day so plenty more neighbours saw me barefooting around the streets,  I heard a few gasps of exasperation.  But walking around barefoot gives a post exercise sensation that is absolutely fantastic (notwithstanding navigation around grit bins).

The MUs felt solid - but not so much the rest of the ring routine.  321s also felt heavy!

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