Tuesday, 29 March 2011

RTK Wk8 W/O2

This is the last workout of an 8 week training cycle.  I have enjoyed it.  I think I have looked forwards to most of the workouts and certainly I finished the majority of them feeling much the better.


Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (45 mins)
1. Frog Planche (2x30s)
2. Tuck Lever (2x30s)
3. Squats, Asymmetric Leg Extension (20, 15)
4. Chin Ups/Pull Ups (15, 15)
5. Handwalk, ('for time'x2)
6. Inverted Row, Bent-Over Row (15, 15)

A good workout in pretty sunny conditions.  I have that 'gently milked' feeling with occasional tremors going through my arms!

I am not sure that I have been as 'robust' with the CKD as I might have been, but I will keep elements of this approach in mind - particularly as I have seen no detriment to my eating a LOT more potato of a weekend. I have always had higher carbohydrate days as my soups are usually made with the juices from roasting lamb and chickens, in to which I will add starchy tubers and root vegetables. This is usually on two nights of the week. By the same token, these nights are often lower in protein (but not necessarily low). Another two days of the week I fast for 24 hours. Some days I have less fat to eat and others more. I really cannot be bothered to count, measure and regiment. Much of it is instinctive.

There is a mix evident. No real pattern to it. I go hungry. I eat. I eat 'real' foods with a seasonal bias. Sometimes I eat dairy - perhaps a couple of times a week. Maybe this isn't optimal to get uber-ripped and huge. In fact definitely it is not. But then there is more to my life than making that my goal.

I am not sure I will ever get as big/strong as I want to be - but I am certainly getting closer to being as strong as I want to be - strong enough to complete certain physical goals. I am not sure I will get there but the journey is a good one.

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