Thursday, 31 March 2011

Paleo 2.0

Kurt offers a new level of precision and clarity to the whole paleo paradigm in an attempt to drag it in to the neolithic!  Having recently come across a thread about paleo-vegansim, it is clearly high-time to "[leave] the tent to erect a proper building".

I speculated a while ago that 'paleo' (or rather Paleo v1.0), was eating itself -  becoming just another worthless term for narcissistic self-indulgence. Commodified.

If, like me, you keep it simple (the most you need to read is ADV's 'Essay on Evolutionary Fitness'), you should be running with Paleo 0.0.  But as with all human endeavour paleo is becoming Balkanised and if it is to have real impact in the places it NEEDS to have impact (academia, medicine, business, politics, pharma), we need something like Paleo 2.0.  We need to focus both on what Paleo is in terms of nutrition, and also on what it addresses - the Diseases of Civilisation.

Putting diseases of civilisation under the lens of (robust) scientific scrutiny may offer a form of redemption for the whole 'paleolithic' concept.

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