Friday, 1 April 2011

PETA: April Fools

Chris just sent me this link which I can only assume is some kind of April Fool:
  • "Overwhelming scientific evidence has linked eating meat, eggs and dairy to obesity as well as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
    "Parents who want to help their children achieve a healthy weight should forget about the greasy sausages and burgers and provide their children vegetarian meals. Every generation is getting fatter and developing obesity-related diseases much sooner, and it's largely due to diets loaded with animal fat."

 The trivialisation of child abuse is unforgivable.  The misinformation we have gotten used to.


Anonymous said...

Do you have kids? Do you give them "snacks" for school? Beware, the big brother is watching - fruits are healthy doncha know? skim milk yoghurts are manna from the heaven - just ask any plump female school teacher. Do otherwise, give a kid eggs and full fat diary and risk a visit from children services for a potential child abuse.

Asclepius said...

My kids tuck in to plenty of meat and fat, fish, sausages and eggs and enjoy rich dairy products!

Can't wait for some fat dude from child services to turn up. I'll just ask him/her "Should my children eat like you?".