Friday, 23 July 2010

Volume Wk5 W/O3

I am itching to mix my routine up.  The overhead pressing type activities (1b), will now feature four different exercises.  Each one should be stopped one-short-of-failure.  The headstands are 'assisted' by which I mean I have my feet on a support.

The OACs also keep the 'one arm lowers' introduced last week (you do a normal chin or pull up and then take one hand off the bar, lowering yourself as slowly as you can).

The deadlifts feature an RLL and I am also looking to put in a Podium DL at some point.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1a. (Podium) Deadlift/RLL:Podium Dumbell DL (8xRLLs, 8xRLLs,10x18kg, 7xRLLs)
1b. Assisted HeSPU : Snatch: Press : MTBs (10, 8x18kg, 8x24kg, 8x3kg)
2a. Assisted OACs (8x47kg, 8x47kg, 7/8x47kg, 3/4xAlt One Arm Lowers)
2b. Double Side Kicks
3a. Tucked Ice Cream Maker (8, 8, 8)
3b. Wall Planche Press Ups (8, 8, 8 dropped intensity by moving hands forwards to reach target)
3c. Kneeling Wrist Push Ups (3, 3, 3)

The gym was busy so I couldn't get to deadlift.  I improvised, and I guess it will be beneficial longterm to embrace this randomness.  I could have gone much heavier on the Podium Dumbell DL; next time.

The overhead stuff was a gas.  Could have pushed the snatch with maybe 28kg, but lowering slowly gets taxing depending on how slowly you lower it.

the WPP killed me.  I felt I was running out of gas towards the end and this brought two things in to focus.  Firstly I no longer seem to have the energy to 'play' after a workout (this is one advantage of blogging your workouts, you have a detailed history to chew over).  Secondly I am mid-intense phase - some exhaustion is to be expected - and so could well do with a random week off.

Oh yeah - and I forgot all about the ICMs!  Missed 'em out totally.  Mental fatigue?

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