Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Boot on the Neck of The China Study

Denise Minger has her 'boot on the neck' of the China Study.  The China Study has been an major source of nutritional pollution for several years and witnesses have spoken of 'uncontrolledable gushing', but DM looks to have stopped the flow at source.

The latest post on her blog offers a cutesy and erudite installment that really cuts to the heart of Campbell's rather weak response to her initial 'Smackdown'.  Denise obviously has great energy, talent and intelligence - must be something she has eaten.


Jim Purdy said...

Sigh... Another battle of the so-called experts, just like Atkins vs. Ornish.

As always, I take these discussions with a grain of ... well, not salt. I just try to figure out what seems to work for me, regardless of whether it works for anybody else.

And what seems to work for me is frequent small meals with lots of plant foods like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, nuts, peanuts, sweet bell peppers, and tomatoes.

But that's just me, and I'm no expert.

Asclepius said...

I hear you Jim.

That is why I never really got/get too deep in to the science. Sure I read papers and medical books but in the past I have gotten drawn in to arguments (!) with chemists, biologists, statiticians and experts in research. All of whom think you need to 'eat less and do more' and that 'a calorie is a calorie'. These are way to simple concepts for a biological system.

My bottom line was/is 'if I was out in the wild, what would I eat?' I figured the answer was meat from hunting and seasonal foraged plants, which then made me think, so if hunting (and being hunted), how would I move? I extended it to issues of light (I try to avoid light in the evening), temperature (lots of cold showers and wild swimming) and sleep (same as for light).

And so that is my 'paleo' model! It works for me in that I am lean, strong, uninjured and happy. Also I can sustain my gains.

So I guess this blog is more of a 'this is how I do it' kind of place where others can come and see but ONE implementation of paleo.

As for the scientific wars, they are great to watch, but I will be surprised if they make too much of a difference to my way of life.

Not having to weigh food and control my appetite, nor having to engage in chronic exercise etc... is just too easy a way to achieve the health I enjoy, and 'Paleo' is a simple concept that I can both understand and which directs me quite sensibly.