Friday, 9 July 2010

Volume Wk3 W/O3

My god - this blog is just turning in to a training log. Will attempt to post something of greater interest soon!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1. Deadlift/RLL (one or two warm up sets, 5x95, 3x115, 1x128)
2a. HSPU/Press/Snatch/MTBs (8/8x18kg, 7/8x18kg, 6/8x18kg)
2b. Splits to Cuts (3x10s 3x10x 3x10s)

3a. Tucked Ice Cream Maker (6/7, 6/7, 6/7)
3b. Assisted OACs (8/8x47kg, 7/8x47kg, 6/8x47kg)
3c. Wall Planche Press Ups (8/7, 8/7, 6/7)

Bold = Achieved

FCUKing beauty! Somed days it just REALLY happens for me in the gym. Today I didn't hit all the reps and set no PB strength records but of the work I did do, it felt goooooood. I felt quite strong and importantly am absolutely flying now.

Not felt this good post-workout for some time. Double good given my ambivalence about the last couple of sessions. Of course the sunshine helps!

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