Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Protein Debate

For those that have yet to read it, here is a link to The Protein Debate between T. Colin Campbell and Loren Cordain.

Loren, whilst being satfat phobic (a position he seems to be shifting from), is one of the leading lights in applying an 'evolutionary' interpretation to diet and fitness. Marrying Darwinian thinking to our understanding of diet and nutrition, Cordain has made a well referenced and compelling case for an animal-based diet having been our natural food source for at least the past two million years (my emphasis):

  • "[T]here is no credible fossil, archeological, anthropological, anatomical, ethnographic or biochemical evidence to show that members of our genus (Homo) routinely consumed low protein diets. In fact, without the inclusion of energetically dense animal food into the hominin diet, starting at least 2.5 million years ago, our large energetically active brains would not have evolved."
Campbell offers a rebuttal:

  • "My critique of Professor Loren Cordain’s proposition almost entirely depends on my philosophy of nutrition. It is clearly different from that of Cordain’s understanding of this discipline. He mocks the science of nutrition as if it has little or nothing to offer. I believe that it has much to offer even though its essence mostly remains hidden."

Erm....well that is that settled then! Stop laughing at the back! Go read.

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