Thursday, 15 July 2010

Titan Diet

I have followed Beyond Strong on and off for a few years now, dipping in and out periodically. It is run by Nick McKinless and he seems to move easily between bodybuilding, strength and athletic disciplines. It is a great resource for training ideas. You can check out his training in the YouTube clip above.

Here is an interesting interview with him (published on his site), which is well worth a read. He was a stuntman on the new Clash of the Titans film and in the interview he talks about his preparation. In particular, his diet caught my eye. When asked about nutrition he replied;
  • Itʼs the usual things like cutting out carbs after 4pm, donʼt eat anything man hasnʼt killed or grown on the land and reducing alcohol intake. That last one isnʼt easy for stuntmen! Seriously, nutrition these days should be a piece of cake (pun intended). Just buy good quality meats, fruits and vegetables (preferably Organic). Stay away from ʻwhite deathʼ foods like white bread, white sugar, white rice and donʼt eat anything with saturated fats. Drink more water. Having said that, eating less healthy foods isnʼt going to kill you as long as itʼs in moderation. If you eat 21 meals a week then 3 of them could be junk food or ice cream or whatever floats your boat. The rest should be things like steak and salad, salmon or chicken and brown rice or eggs and spinach.

Now I am not sure how on a diet of steak, eggs and fish you can avoid saturated fat, but the caveat about 'white death' and the recommendation not to "eat anything man hasnʼt killed or grown on the land" is bang on the money.

The photo of him in the interview is pretty impressive. Shredded, athletic and strong as hell!

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