Thursday, 22 July 2010

Obesity in Kuwait

I am back to some of my old ways - getting sucked in to watching prgrams on obesity and diets.  "Big Meets Bigger" is one such program: 
  • Due to poor diet and the prevalence of obesity, 1 in 4 Kuwaitis suffer from diabetes. Carley and borderline diabetic Darran visit a diabetes clinic where they meet a man who's had his big toe amputated.
Kuwait is one hell of an obese country.  It was noticeable throughout the program that the fat kids from the UK focused on the eating junk food ("high in fat and sugar") as the cause of obeisty, whilst the Kuwaiti folk focused on 'laziness' as the cause.

What really caught my attention was the Kuwaiti medical staff.  More than once they talked of avoiding carbohydrates (...and fat!) to get lean.  And one surgeon said that 'pre gastric-bypass', a patient had to go "one month with no carbohydrates!".

In the UK it has recently been accepted in medical circles that obesity can occur before inactivity (specifically that "Fatness leads to inactivity, but inactivity does not lead to fatness").  Taking the focus away from an 'eat less and do more' model is of vital importance but I can't help thinking that although the Kuwaiti medical establishment have joined many more of the dots than the UK doctors ("it's the refined carbohydrate!"), they just cannot get to the logical conclusion at the end.  And so we have a solution of carb restriction as a temporary measure in preparation for Bones to hack away.

I'd love to head over there and try out some of my advice on a few subjects.  I mean just applying really damn basic paleo philosophy could have such a profound effect.  It is just tragic watching people become prisoners in their own body on the back of misguided dietary them join those last few dots...

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