Thursday, 29 March 2012


28th March 2010 "Sooner or later all 'movements' tend to thrash themselves to death on the rocks. Like all groups that reach a maturation stage, paleo seems to be splintering. It happens in all activities...

It is a natural consequence of maturation. As an idea, philosophy or movement becomes more mature, different themes are explored and ideas are mined to their logical conclusion (if not beyond). Sport, politics, science and religion all suffer from this to some degree.

I can see a signs of a similar split appearing in paleo. As people become more familiar with it, and have their own unique success, we get more gurus. Their way is the only way. Now me, I reckon we are all false prophets.."

31 March 2011 " is clearly high-time to '[leave] the tent to erect a proper building'...

I speculated a while ago that 'paleo' (or rather Paleo v1.0), was eating itself - becoming just another worthless term for narcissistic self-indulgence. Commodified."

After the cleansing actions of the flames you have to look around and see what's left - and to be honest, you SHOULD have something solid and meaningful left to work with.  An excellent example can be found here.

For me, I reckon we push on to Paleo 3.0 which should focus on sorting the planet out.  Shortening our food chain.  Buying local food from sustainable sources.  Reclaiming control over your health and life in general.  

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