Friday, 2 March 2012

Gymnastic Week 3 W/O3

I was down the park last night with a mate, messing about on the monkey bars.  I tested my OAC using my free hand to pinch the upright posts to offer (pressing) assistance.  Things felt good - definitely stronger in the general movement.  I only did a few reps as I knew I was going to train today, but am mildly worried that even with the low level of stuff I did last night, I should take it a bit easier today.  We'll see.

The park is unlit and it was dark but I still managed to demo some handstands.  I hit the sweet spot a couple of times and in the darkness really had to dial in to feedback, proprioception and kinaesthetic awareness.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. Handstand work (10 mins)
2a. Chin Variations (Two Arm + 30kg x 6/3, +45kg x 3, 10 x two arm/Slow One-Arm Eccentric 1 x each arm)
2bi. Headstand RLLs (6, 6)
2bii. Deadlift (single 140kg/150kg)
2c. Manna Progression (three rounds for time)
2di. Wall Walk (3, 3)
2dii. Backbridge 15s
3. Two-Way DB Rotator Cuff (12 x external and internal shoulder rotations)
4. Reverse Dumbell Curls (12)
5.  321 (8/8L, 8/8L, 8/8M)

Handstands once again felt to be high quality with lots of 10s plus holds.  Rigid! 

I pushed the weighted chins a bit, and had to work for that last rep on the 45kg set.  The deadlift didn't feel 'on' today, so after some warm up singles, I popped for a 140kg and left it.

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