Tuesday, 1 February 2011

RTK Wk1 W/O2

So on Sunday I ate just over 2500 calories (a rough estimate; 64% fat, 34% protein), followed by 1700 calories yesterday (70% fat, 30% protein).  Oddly I felt rather subdued last night at Lau Gar - the consequence of my body having to 'go hungry'? 

Last night's high fat meal was one of boiled tongue.  This might sound grim but damn, is it tasty!  I had a very small amount of salad for colour and texture.

It is odd trying to consciously 'under eat'.  I like to let hunger prompt me to eat (just as thirst makes me drink and fatigue makes me sleep).  Still, I am expecting a period of adaption to the CKD.  I think that knowing I am eating less is making it psychologically awkward.  Can't wait for a Friday refeed (squash soup) - and a Saturday evening meal with a LOT of potato!  And some goat's cheese!

Today is my first depletion workout.  I have shoved in lots of variation - the planches and levers are all easier variations.  Rests will be one minute.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (40 mins)
1. Frog Planche (2x30s)
2. Tuck Lever (2x30s)
3. Squats, Leg Extension (20, 20, 15)
4. Pull Ups, Chin Ups (15, 15)
5. Hand Walk, MBT, Dumbell Press (for time, 20, 15)
6. Inverted Row, Bent-Over Row (12/20, 15)

Milked!  Weights were autoregulated to hit the intended rep count.  Maaaan that burned.  1500 calories eaten today.  Motivation seems low...but hunger not that bad - I just know I am not 'contented'!

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