Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Tale of Two Calves

You really need to read this story.  Two calves were taken and one was fed pasturised milk whilst the other was fed raw milk.  Although initially in the trial there was little difference, after 8 weeks in to the four month trial, several changes became apparent:

  • The weight of the two calves was basically equal at the beginning of the feeding trial.

    At the end the raw milk calf weight 200 kg and the pasteurized milk calf weight 115 kg.

    They gained weight almost equally for about 8 weeks and then the pasteurized milk calf started falling back.

    A significant difference during the 4+ month trial was always the different smell and the consistency of the manure. The raw milk calf had mostly a well formed manure and normal smell you would expect. Contrary to that the manure of the pasteurized calf was runny and the color mostly grey or almost white during the feeding trial.

    The hair on the raw milk calf was shiny and solid on the pasteurized calf dull and easily pulled out.

    The alertness in the two calves was a major difference: the pasteurized calf seemed very uninterested with a clear lack of movement.

    After nearly 5 months we could see that the pasteurized calf would have had difficulty to survive without medication and supplements.
Not perhaps the most scientifically rigorous experiment but worthy of further investigation.  Step 1.

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