Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Low Fat Crapinabox

The LFC diet is a money making machine.  It is a tenet of modern nutritional advice when it comes to losing weight.  But some have chosen to put the LFC diet under the media spotlight:
  • Former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon follows a low-fat food diet for a month, but a week into the experiment she finds that her memory is getting worse and that she constantly feels tired.

    he is only allowed to eat foods that are designed to be low in fat, including no fruit or vegetables.Zoe visits a nutritional expert to find out how the low-fat food diet is affecting her health.
The Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods is on Tuesday 15 February at 2100 GMT on BBC Three, or catch-up afterwards on BBC iPlayer.
  • For thousands across the UK, the new year usually means a new diet. But it's the supermarket rather than the health club that many are turning to. The low fat food industry is worth two billion pounds and there are more reduced calorie ready meals sold in January than at any other time of the year. But is a life on low fat foods any life at all?For four weeks, model and former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon ditches the fine dining she's used to and lives on nothing but pre-packaged, highly-processed foods that are labelled either low or lower in fat. She finds out what's in these foods and how they affect her moods, nutritional levels and, crucially, her weight. She also meets the low calorie converts who say that eating this way isn't just a diet, but a way of life.
Nothing like avoiding 'real food' to screw up your health and general well being.  Thanks to Chris for the heads-up!


Methuselah said...

What a stupid fucking experiment. Omitting fruit and vegetables, even though they are low fat, proves nothing whatsoever. But they obviously did it for one reason alone: otherwise there would be no story.m

Asclepius said...

Indeed. I guess their angle is 'is low fat a good policy?'

I'd prefer to see a much simpler story 'we fed these people real food - this is what happened'.

Real food has seasons and can't be exclusively branded. Maybe Zoe Salmon will work that out for her next program!