Friday, 11 February 2011

RTK Wk2 W/O3 (P1)

With the Six Nations in full swing, dietary control of any sort is awkward!  Beer will flow tomorrow and EVERY fixture over the weekend looks quite intriguing. 

England vs Italy should have only one (dominant) outcome - but expectation is on England to do the business and post up a big score.  Italy are no push overs and can unleash some real flair.  Their work rate is high - but historically they seem to lack endurance.

Scotland vs Wales is a hard one to call.  Scotland punched through France's defences several times last week.  They may well smell Welsh blood after Welsh capitulation to England. But Wales have some awesome athletes in Hook and Shane Williams.  They are now playing for pride after the sting of last weeks' defeat.  Scotland may also feel that after last week, they indeed have the hustle to start taking some scalps.  Immovable objects and irresistible forces. 

Sundays fixture of Ireland vs France will also be potentially explosive.  For the Irish, every game against France carries the Hand of Henry.  For some in Eire the recent rivalry with France may even overshadow that against England.  Sean O'Brien should be able to punch through a suspect French defence and BOD is always a threat.  Fans on both sides will be wondering which French team will turn up and whether the self destruct button will remain unpressed.  When the French find their flow, they are sublime, beautiful, clinical and lethal.

This is the kind of sport that makes me want to do stuff.  To lift hard and give it some "grrrr" - an opportune moment to move on to today's workout (after which I will refeed on carbohydrate).  As follows:

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1a.Deadlift (4X122kg , 5X110kg)
1b. Chin Ups (BW+20kg x 8, BW+10kg x 10, BWx12)
2. Back Bridge to In-L-Sit (15s, 15s, 15s)
3. HSPUs/Lowers/Dumbell Press (0/3, 6x14kg, 8x10kg)
4. Ice Cream Makers (4, 4, 4)
5.Four-Way Rotator Cuff (10)

The DLs felt quite comfortable.  The last reps of the last set of chins was a bit of a fight.  After that, I auto-regulated on sets and reps for the remaining exercises.  I even changed some exercises on the fly.   The HSPU has deserted me again. I couldn't even do one so had to do a couple of HS (S) lowers!

I rattled through the whole routine in just over 30 minutes and left the gym feeling nicely toasted throughout, but not blown out.  I'm  feeling strong and fit.  I am looking leaner in my opinion but I am only a fortnight through a six week experiment. 
Potatoes tonight.  Lots!

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