Friday, 25 February 2011

RTK Wk3 W/O3*

* Having just taken an impromptu week off, the naming conventions have gone a bit mad!

The Six Nations is back on this weekend with some cracking matches.  The paleo approach will be overtaken by a beer soaked celebration (hopefully).  You've got to keep fit, but you've also got to live life!

After some odd Lau Gar exercises the other night my 'tweaked' left elbow suddenly feels sooooo much better.  I am going to put in some deloaded OAC work to test it out.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1a.Deadlift (4X137kg , 5X123kg)
1b. One Arm Chin Ups (4x49, 5x44, 6x39)
2. Wall Walk/Back Bridge to In-L-Sit (2, 10s, 10s)
3. HSPUs/Lowers/Dumbell Press (1, 6x14kg, 8x12kg)
4. Ice Cream Makers (4, 4, 4)
5.Four-Way Rotator Cuff (10)

The DLs felt hard (certainly the first set, where I had to put down the weight after each rep), but the second set was fine. The HSPU returned (yay!), and the dumbell presses were fine - I could have done with upping the weight TBH. The OACs also felt solid. And I mean solid. I could again have upped the numbers.

This session got me thinking.  I have tried a BBS approach and it simply didn't itch my scratch to 'do more'.  I also felt that my gains were slower (although it does what it says on the tin, and seems to help one avoid injury). 

Rather than big rests between each and every workout I have on occasion had a week off after a couple of weeks of hard training.  On my return, my numbers have gone up.  I have experienced it a few times in the past and experienced it again today.

There seems to be a split between the occasional (once a week) approach of BBS and the gym-rat end of training 2-3 times a week per muscle group.

As with all training ideas, perhaps the two extremes are right and the answer lays in a slightly complex interpretation that will bring you somewhere in to the middle?  It wouldn't be the first answer to a question about an adaptive biological system where we find the extremes simply a continuum with no fixed answer.

So here's the thing.  Maybe taking long rests between workouts IS the thing to do (a la BBS/HIT).  And maybe going hard and frequently is ALSO the thing to do (a la gym rat folklore).  But maybe what matters is to dovetail them together and simply take an intuitive, episodic break - such as a week off, in the middle of a 6-8 week cycle?

I am going to play with this model.

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