Sunday, 11 January 2009

Weekend Routine

We spent yesterday doing a light family workout. It barely got above freezing all day and so we headed out to the local woods which afforded a bit of shelter from the wind.

I love walking through the woods at any time of the year. I have spent a few summers working out under the trees with my gymnastic rings hanging from the branches.

Flash was encouraged to walk but I ended up carrying her in the papoose on the hilly sections. Captain Kid was happy to run around and took to pressing a few fallen logs and walking along felled trees.

You shouldn't underestimate the benefits of such workouts. Everything from housework and gardening to family walks count towards health. Variety is key.

This afternoon Captain Kid was getting cabin fever, so after some chores we headed out for our regular Sunday session. Training with CK does slow things down a bit but it makes training a laugh.

I have begun to focus a bit more on finger strength for my climbing which, with the extra focus on gymnastics (a goal for this year), will hopefully result with a fruitful summer on the rock!

Warm Up (5 minutes of the usual joint rotations and swings)
Main (20+ mins)
1) Sprint (10s)
2) Ring Routine
3) Deadhang (45s, back 3)
4) Ring Splits (5rep:5s, 4rep:10s, 3rep:15s, 3rep:15s)
5) Deadhang (45s, front 3)

Kill Carry (extended circuit with NO weight vest)

I went through the exercises 1-5 four times. The deadhangs are static exercises for climbing involving three fingers at a time. I wrapped things up with a KC that took about 10 minutes.

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