Tuesday, 6 January 2009

First Day Back

I picked up training again on Sunday. (Christmas still has not truly finished for me as I have some Christmas cake left - but the tinned chocolates complete with hydrogenated fats have gone). I never had a complete rest over the festive period. There was a boxing day swim and several visits to local parks in Dublin in which I would be running and climbing with my kids.

Now, however, I need to refocus. The break from formal training has allowed a few 'niggles' to heal. As always with my training, after a break I get back to working out with some sprinting.

Sunday night featured my usual workout:

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (mini circuit of about 15 minutes)
1) Sprint (8s, 9s, 10s, 11s)
2) Basic Ring Routine
3) Ring Splits (5:5s, 4:10s, 3:15s, 2:20s)
4) Fingerboard (Basic laddering)

After four cycles through this sequence, I went out for an extended 'Kill Carry' with my weight vest and punch bag. The extended walk took my 11 minutes which was pretty slow. However, I felt good and the whole workout took around 30 minutes.

The more I use Kill Carrys the more I like them. It is heavy functional work at its best. I try to keep the loads at a level at which I can still put some speed together if needed. I am looking to use less weight (get rid of the weight vest), and try some intermittent sprints with the just the punchbag.


Paul said...

Is there a specific fingerboard you can recommend?

Asclepius said...

Hi Paul.

I actually use a campus board built in my garage. It means I can deadhang as well as perform more complex armwork.

Fingerboards are much of a muchness in my opinion. One thing I would recommend is to get one made of wood if you can. I find this to be more comfortable on the fingers.

A simple strip of wood fixed above the doorway would be fine.

I also have a set of Metolius Rock Rings that I can take down the gym and hang on the pull up bar.