Sunday, 25 January 2009

Super Sunday

I performed my usual Sunday Workout. I had originally aimed at making my Sunday Workouts purely climbing oriented, but they seem to have taken on the paleo burden.

I tried to swing the pendulum back to climbing training tonight but the workout overall became too long and by the time I had done my Kill Carry, 45 minutes had passed. This session was about 50% longer than I wanted it to be. If I had removed the deadhanging it would have easily been completed in about 15 minutes!

Warm Up (5 minutes of the usual joint rotations and swings)

Main (30+ mins)

1a) Sprint (4x10s)

1b) Ring Routine (1MU, 2MU, 2MU, 2MU,

1c) One Arm Deadhang (45s, 30s, 30s, 30s, back 3)

1d) Ring Splits (4x5rep:10s hold)

1e) One Arm Deadhang (45s, 30s, 30s, 30s, front 3)

2) Kill Carry (extended circuit with weight vest) - 1o mins

Exercises 1a - 1e constitute a set. The Kill Carry (KC) was the 'cool down'. The increased length of the session was caused by the asynchronous deadhanging (which I do purely for finger strength/climbing). Really I should have used double arm hangs, dropped the KC (God forbid), or (preferably), reduced the number of sets in the main workout to three rather than four.

Ending with a KC draws the session into the Inverse Saw-Tooth energy expenditure model. Just as the lion hangs on to its prey, adjusting its position and trying to conserve energy, so I walked around the streets for 10 minutes under a load - trying to relax and adjust the weight in to as comfortable position as I could.

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