Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wednesday Lau Gar

After a night of Lau Gar (one hour) and some fierce sparring, I did some deadhanging (for climbing strength).

1) 4x30s - 3 minute rest (One armed, four fingers)

The Lau Gar was my warm up! I did it fasted again and got the same feeling of sharpness although the teeth grinding (whilst still evident), was not as bad. I had my usual strong coffee at lunchtime so intend to repeat this experiment without the coffee next week.

The fasted workout definitely suits me and is something that I will continue with - especially where balance and other skill is required.

I ate late, and I ate massive - thus explaining a slightly disturbed sleep.

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Methuselah - Pay Now Live Later said...

A big bowl of chocolate cake and fresh cream might have helped you sleep better ;-)