Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Weekend Play

I have had a few days off from 'formal' training. The weekend was spent with Captain Kid and Flash in the park. Both are a handful in open space and have a habit of running off in diametrically opposite directions!

At four and a half years of age, Captain Kid is in to chasing games - either as pursuer or pursuee. This play develops agility in both of us with lots of short sprints and direction changes.

Flash on the other hand is only around nineteen months old - but don't be fooled by youth. She has speed on her side, much like a little cannon ball. She manages to do two things well:

1) She appears to be right next to you but then 'teleports' to a point about 10m away. This is sudden and unexpected.
2) The destination location of the teleportation event will be near some hazard - such as a child on a swing, an open gate (on to a road) or a foaming dog.

The combined effect of these two points is that I am prompted to sprint at speed towards flash and scoop her up to safety! Sprint and Scoop - a new paleo mode of training?

For me, the sprint and scoop is taxing and picking a weight up at speed from a position low down works a full chain of muscles.

I suspect that for women, carrying a weight equal to a baby and little more than that of a toddler would be optimal 'carrying' training weight from an evolutionary perspective.

Another good example of building paleo in to your daily life!


AlanL said...

"The destination location of the teleportation event will be near some hazard"

Oh yes. I remember explaining to a (childless) friend: you don't always have to *be* between them and the hazard, but you have to be pretty confident you can *get* between them and the hazard. Quickly.

Interesting blog, thanks. Started reading today via the link from Conditioning Research. Mirrors some of my own interests: former climber, yoga practitioner, recently become an avid reader of Art de Vany and Christopher Sommer. (Also snowboarder: play)

Asclepius said...

Alan - yeah 'QUICKLY' is exactly the word I'd use! The childless will NEVER understand the speed, skill and stealth of toddlers!

It is doubly annoying that toddlers can actually find hazards (always more than one) to head towards as soon as the opportunity presents itself!

I suppose it keeps me young! ;)

Climbing, Yoga, DeVany, Sommer and Snowboarding all interests of mine (although I am more Lau Gar than Yoga, but they share roots)! You should definitely find something of interest on this blog.