Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday Gymnastics

I went for another micro workout today - secreting some assisted pistols and assisted Headstand Press Up (HeSPU) work in to wider gymnastic activity.

One gain I noticed today was that I can now do two quality pistols unassisted off each leg. Both the negative and positive phases are under control. This is a milestone!

As with much of the work I do, I have varied the sets and reps and not been scared to vary the exercise in achieving this (or indeed achieving a goal in any particular muscle group). Gains come, but they take their time and they are normally solid once made!

This is an approach which suits me - particularly as I have some complex goals (a planche and a body lever).

My legs are quite slender - I reckon I have a Masai-type physique as you can see in the picture above of Flash and I going for a walk. Flash is the shorter of the two of us (in case you hadn't guessed). But I don't mind slender legs - I try to develop functionality, and any mass is a by product not a goal, of my training.

Warm Up (5 minutes of the usual joint rotations and swings)
Main (20+ mins)
1a) Pistols (5, 4, 3, 2 - unassisted)
1b) Tuck Planch (20s frog, 5s, 5s, 4s)
1c) Cuts (30s Left: 30s Right, 30s Left: 30s Right, 30s Left: 30s Right)

2a) Tuck Lever (20s tight, 5s, 5s, 4s)
2b) Kneel to Leg Raise (5, 4, 3, 2)
2c) HeSPU (5, 4, 3, 2)
2d) Kneel Backs (30s, 30s, 30s)

Each set is made up of three and four exercises respectively. I repeat each set four times - the load/time is shown after the exercise. If only three sets are shown then that is all I did for that particular exercise.

As noted above, the first three sets of pistols were assisted. the HeSPU is also assisted so I split the leg raise from kneeling in to a separate exercise, followed by (freestanding) HeSPU off a swiss ball.

It was quite warm outside so the warm up, planch and pistols were performed in the winter sunshiiiiine! ;)

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