Monday, 26 January 2009


Just in case you missed it, I thought I would flag up the following program on BBC2 tonight at 2100hrs:

I have high hopes for this program as Horizon has provided some quality viewing in the past. What is interesting here is that there is acknowledgement in the write up that it is not all about 'diet and exercise'. This is something central to the paleo movement. We KNOW this to be the is just that everyone is about 40,000 years behind us.

Somehow I still think there will be many people who come away from this program thinking that obesity is out of their control and that fundamentally, it is still about 'eat less, do more'.

Sadly many members of the medical and political establishment will be the ones left with this deeply ruinous impression. I would go so far as to say that many members of the medical and political establishment will not watch this program because they KNOW it is all about eating less and doing more.

Finally a warning for all the paleo people out there - might catch fatness.

As the French say, "Baise-moi!"


Methuselah said...

Good call. Just twittered it. I interpreted the write up as implying it will just be a load of old cack about genetics, rather than something that highlights the unimportance of exercise...

Chris said...

I thought it was quite a good programme. More dumbed down than Horizon used to be though.

If you read between the lines I think it was clear that fat gain / loss is an hormonal event.

What they didn't extrapolate from there - which they could have done - is how to manipulate those hormones with behaviour: intermittent fasting, exercise, dietary composition etc.

There were some bits that were a bit fatalistic in the way they did it - i.e. you can't really help being fat - and I thought the scientist with the fascination for fat was hilarious!

Asclepius said...

I missed the first 20 minutes but sadly it seemed the same old 'eat less, do more' messge prevailed. For me, not enough was made of the hormonal influence.

It annoyed me when the scientist started speculating about 'fidgeting'. I mean there was no basis for this - he just fell back on dumb ideas.

There seemed to be little attempt to baseline what actually was condsidered activity (I am not sure if any of the subjects lived up a flight of stairs for example, and who they would climb the stairs - I always run up stairs three at a time!).

It can come as no surprise to anyone that the body finds myriad ways to burn energy - in regeneration, extra heat, wasteful movement or some other mechanisms. I am sure that the body is well able to waste excess energy (no point burdening onself down is there?).

But sadly, the one hormone vital to fat storage was ignored. Insulin. I would love to have seen some insulin profiling.