Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Workout

I went to the climbing wall last night and my fingers are destroyed today! I just had a quick workout this lunch aimed at flexibility:

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (15 mins)
1) Sprinting (4x10s; 1 min rest between)

2) Back Bridge (3x15s)
3) Planche (2x5s, 1x20s - easier variation)

4) Cuts (3x30s each side)
5) Lever (2x5s, 1x20s - easier variation)

The exercises were grouped as shown. The aim was to keep it light. Sprinting is always a great way to start the session and ensure the blood is flowing throughout the body, warming the extremities!

The first two sets of levers and planche were with my new 'hard' variation and the last set was and easier variation to build volume in the session.


Chris said...

nice workout. my frog stands are coming on!

by the way there are some ideas in this interview you might enjoy reading?

Asclepius said...

Chris, an excellent interview. Well done. He perfectly expresses and epitomises the paleo philosophy.

That is the point I was trying to make in one of my earlier posts on the noetic nature of paleo. When you see it, you know it. That is one of its biggest strengths.

(I bet the guy cannot planche though!) ;)