Sunday, 11 January 2009


I had some more thoughts about the planche. Of all the gymnastic exercises I utilise, most can be rationalised from a paleo perspective - they are of a climbing nature such as muscle ups and levers, or they are rooted in 'play' such as handstands. Even exotic gymnastic exercises are 'bastardised' versions of basic movements.

But then it occurred to me that the planche may well be seen as one of THE most fundamental exercises.

With babies you are recommended to put an infant on its front for a period of time as soon as it can hold its head up. (You can see where this idea is going). As the child develops it then progresses to sitting up unsupported at around 7 months and then eventually to kneeling, then pulling up to standing (assisted) and then to crawling.

You can see that several of these stages involve arm, shoulder and back strength similar to those targeted by a planche. Such strength in an 'all fours' position is evident in most if not all land based mammals.

So maybe the planche is actually pre-paleo. Maybe the gains we can get from it are rooted in our evolutionary past on all fours. I would love for someone to look further in to this idea.

Enough of my ramblings. ;)


Chris said...

keep rambling - it is good stuff

John said...

I was going to talk some about quadrupedal movements and talk about Methode Naturelle. I don't know if you've heard of it but it's a 100 or so year old method of training designed to work the natural capacities of man. It was developed by georges hebert.
A few years ago a guy named Erwan Le Corre was going to set up a website, update and spread it but there were copyright issues. The result was that he set up MovNat (guess what it stands for haha!)

Anyway I am sure you any other paleo types will enjoy this! (Interestingly muscle-ups are known as planches in france I think)

Asclepius said...

I came to realise a long time ago that whatever I think of in the paleo-sphere, someone has had that thought before!

Sometimes the thoughts/concepts have been around for a decade, and sometimes for a century or more.


Ah well, who cares about being first? Who cares about the destination? It is the journey that makes the man!


I will check out the links - many thanks for them.

Feel free to post up about 'quadrupedal movements/Methode Naturelle'. In fact if you don't have your own blog then I would be happy for you to make a guest posting on 'Natural Messiah'.

Asclepius said...

Methode Naturelle - such a good idea I have now put up a link to it!