Wednesday, 31 October 2012


J.Stanton struck a great blow against nutritionism (and antinutritionism).  Two lines that resonated in particular with me were listed under the unspoken assumptions of nutritionism,
  • We already know all the important nutrients and their functions.
  • There are no competitive or synergistic effects between the thousands of chemical compounds found in one bite of real food. 
 The BMJ has just published a paper that illustrates these very points  With the objective '[t]o clarify associations of fish consumption and long chain omega 3 fatty acids with risk of cerebrovascular disease for primary and secondary prevention', the paper concluded,
  • Available observational data indicate moderate, inverse associations of fish consumption and long chain omega 3 fatty acids with cerebrovascular risk. Long chain omega 3 fatty acids measured as circulating biomarkers in observational studies or supplements in primary and secondary prevention trials were not associated with cerebrovascular disease. The beneficial effect of fish intake on cerebrovascular risk is likely to be mediated through the interplay of a wide range of nutrients abundant in fish.
Eat a diverse range of nutritious food.  Eating seasonal foods makes this an easier task.  Unless directed by a doctor, get rid of the supplements and buy quality food.  D3, potassium and magnesium are exceptions.

Save money and improve health; JERF!


Chris said...

so true.....real food

Asclepius said...

Yeah - it is surprising how much of the nutrition-side of 'the health equation' this advice ticks.

Chris said...

Do you remember the news stories from a few years ago that antioxidant supplementation actually prevented some of he good effects of exercise?