Thursday, 19 July 2012

Truth About Sports Products

We've had  The Truth About Exercise and The Truth About Fat.  Well, tonight we had The Truth About Sports Products:
  • As many of us try to get fitter in this Olympic summer, Panorama investigates the sports products that promise to boost your performance. Are those pricey trainers worth the money? Can sports drinks really help you work out for longer? Are protein shakes any more effective at honing the physique than ordinary food?

    With exclusive access to the findings from a unique study by the British Medical Journal and Oxford University, reporter Shelley Jofre tests the science behind the bold advertising claims made by some of sport's biggest brands.
It would appear that the gap between the science and the sell is quite large dont'cha know.  I wonder why?  It seems that if we eat 'real food' and drink water when thirsty (fancy that!), we'll save some cash and get all the nutrition and hydration we need!  As for footwear - simple, comfy footwear should suffice - or go barefoot.  running style, intensity, duration and recovery are your primary considerations, NOT cushioning or 'pronation'.

The only supplements for which health claims seemed to be justified were for creatine and caffeine.  As new rules come in to force next year regarding the health claims made on supplements, watch for an explosion in products using these two ingredients.

This episode of Panorama should be available on the iPlayer soon!  The research paper that formed the basis of the program can be found here.


Christine said...

The diet and exercise market is huge, and anyone who has anything remotely applicable to sell will make all kinds of wondrous claims about their products. All to make a buck.

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