Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bankers vs Big Pharma

Dr Briffa put up an excellent post about some of the recent illegal activites of Big Pharma here.  Illegal activites that affect peoples' health but for which no one has been brought to account. 

'This is Money' ran with the theme and made an interesting observation:
  • There has been much talk of late about the moral turpitude of bankers living in a bubble of their own. Many of the same complaints could be made about parts of the drugs industry, where executives claim that because they are in an international market place their pay has to be set at stratospheric levels.

    Yet little of the opprobrium that has attached to the bankers, and kept them out of the honours system since the 2008 crash, has been directed towards the pill factories’ top executives.


    The GSK and Roche cases show that UK drug companies have been less than prudent in seeking to make as much profit as possible in the shortest timeframe.
Read more at This is Money.

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