Sunday, 8 July 2012

531 Wk3 W/O1

I missed Friday's workout (deadlifting).  Kind of missed it, but standing in the mud watching The Stone Roses play Phoenix Park wasn't too bad an opportunity cost.

I spent some of yesterday bouldering in between the rain showers so no 321s or fingerboard work today.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. Stairgators (1)
2. Planche Variations (25s, 25s, 25s)
3. Barefoot Sprinting (1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s)
4i. Rope Climb (1)
4ii. MU to Ring Routine (1, 1).
5. Scissor Splits (3x '2L, 2R, 2C') 
6. Weighted Barefoot Kill Carry (1)

Planches felt solid.   Sprints felt quick (but not light).  The MU work as rather easy so I worked the holds in my ring routine.  The Kill Carry was suprisingly taxing.

I think that just being a bit smarter in how I spend my cookies throughout the week is paying a dividend.

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