Tuesday, 10 July 2012

531 Wk3 W/O2

'Life' is getting in the way of things again.  It is hard to flow with it - but there is little choice at times.  The weekend involved some spontaneous and intense pull up work at the park with Flash and then Captain Kid hanging on to my legs.  I was surprised that I could not chin nor pull-up with them hanging on to me at the same time!  I was denied as I couldn't get my chin over the bar.

Oh well...

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (35 minutes)
1. Handstand (air squats + side lunges, one legged floor touches + front lunges, front/side/turning kicks)
2. Pistols (5x57, 3x65, 5/1+x73)
3. OACs (5x54, 3x61, 1+x68)

Forearm and Wrist Prehabilitation
4. Golfers Elbow Drumstick Rotation (12)
5. Wrist Push Ups (12)
6. Reverse Wrist Curl (12)

Woo hoo!  Another great session.  I was feeling a bit ambivalent before going in to this one.  After some correction the first handstand was in to the sweet spot.  20s!  The second handstand was trouble.  I wrestled with it but only held it for 10s.  The last one was another wrestle but then I hit an uber-sweet spot and bagged at least 25s.  I seem to lose them when I try to force my legs to really straighten (I usually put a straddle in to it).  I need to work on this kind of quality.

Pistols were standard fare and I added reps for the last set.  I could bump the weights up as I suspected long ago.  My left hip has stiffened slightly over the past week but the lunges in my warm up have loosened it off and pistols seem to work it through nicely.

The OACs went very well.  I weighed in at just under 84kg today and I felt light.  The last set felt steady although my lats 'flared' getting the height on the last set.  I don't think this is good practise and need to make sure I 'track' my shoulder throughout.  Having said that, I felt I had another attempt, if not a full rep, inside me still.  Think I will either shorten rests to a minute or work from the same RM on my next cycle.  The important thing is my shoulders feel good and I am uninjured!

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