Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The superlative Alex Hannold soloing Mt Watkins.  This guy is perhaps the coolest man on the planet.  His soloing exploits are legendary. Solo means 'no ropes' (although he does aid some of this route as you will see).  For a quick taster of the man's grace under pressure check out the following footage - and especially the foot-slip at 1:18!

For a bigger picture of what the man is capable of, check out his solo on Moonlight Buttress below.  It is hard to state how mind-blowingly scary this is - even to hardened 'trad' climbers (including guys like Dave Birkett - no stranger to the dangerous end of rock climbing). The climbing varies from E4 to E6 on occasionally sandy rock.  Fast forward to 6:25 and (please), keep watching...he reaches the crux at about 8:30 and it is terrifying:

Part two of this series shows Hannold soloing up Half Dome.  The climbing is technically easier (I believe), than Moonlight Buttress, but he has a 'moment' when he loses focus...the ledge he is standing on is a pretty horrific place to have to recover your 'mojo'. (Skip to about 8:20 to get to the start of the good bit):

Out there!

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