Friday, 13 July 2012

531 Wk3 W/O3

Deadlift day!  Not looking forward to that 150!

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (35 minutes)
1. Handstand (air squats + side lunges, front lunges + floor touches, front/side/turning kicks)
2. Manna Progression (three rounds for time)
3. Deadlift (5x118, 3x134, 1+x150)
4. Wall Walk (3)
5. Backbridge (15s, 15s)

Shoulder Prehabilitation
6. External Shoulder Rotations (12)
7. External Shoulder Rotations (12)

8. 321 (8L, 8L, 8L)/Bouldering
A solid session. I was stuck indoors due to incessant rain. Handstanding was in a confined space and I never really got in to it. The Mannas were good, as was the deadlifting. The 150 went down without much event. I had more in me but not another full 150. I probably need another cycle with the same RM. Not sure how I would have performed today if I had DLd last week (as intended).

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