Sunday, 15 July 2012

Learning to Use Fat

I was looking for more detail on Bradley Wiggins' diet and it seems that nutrition in cycling has undergone some quite dramatic changes in recent years.  One of the leading nutritionists is  Bob Seebohar.  I subsequently found this piece on PezCyclingNews called Cutting Edge Nutrition Strategies,
  • "According to Seebohar the process of actually changing your metabolic efficiency takes a couple of focused efforts. First you have to change your nutrition, then you have to change your training. The change in nutrition requires you to dramatically cut the starches and whole grain carbohydrate load in your diet. This is no small feat for endurance athletes and may require up to four or more weeks to accomplish. In addition to changing the total CHO load it is advised that the athlete change their CHO utilization prior to, and during training. In essence you want to avoid dumping a bunch of carbohydrate into your bloodstream in the hour before you start training. This will help manage the insulin response and allow your body to begin using fat more efficiently."

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